Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Unfortunately, I was able to watch only the first hour, so while I wait to view the rest of the movie, here are a few random thoughts:

Yay, elephant! **claps**

In some ways, this feels like Kaalai: Part Two.

It's uncomfortable watching Simbu act like a coward, getting pushed around, running away from folks--oh, hai now! He's beating up the goons! This is the Simbu I'm used to seeing!

I guess Santhanam is the heir apparent to Vivek; he seems to be the go-to "comedian" in films these days. As with Vivek, I find him more irritating than funny.

Sana Khan looks pretty. Facially, she reminds me of Simran. She's yet another Mumbai export. At this point, I think she'll either be a one film wonder or she'll do the bunny hop from Tamil to Telugu and to possibly Kannada if she fails to get a foothold in the first two industries.

Hello, gratuitous shots of Sana's breast, navel, and lips!

Simbu getting turned on in the movie theatre. A little OTT there.

Oh, look! Phallic symbolism! (I'll admit, I laughed, 'cause I have a filthy mind.)

Hello again, Sana's navel!

I like the picturisation of "Nalandhana", even though I got a few "Kutti Pisase" and "Gutkha Lakkadi"(both from Kaalai) flashbacks. Simbu appears to have picked up some new dance moves, thank goodness.

I recognize this scene from some stills I viewed on indiaglitz a while back.

Aside from the comedy bits and the pervasive feeling of déjà vu, I like the film. It's rather good, and I can't wait for the 2-in-1 DVD so that I can watch it uninterrupted--oh wait, I think it got it. More later.

ETA 01/01/09: I forgot to add last night that Simbu looks really good as a temple priest. His meekness was a turn-on for me, but I didn't like seeing him taking abuse from others. Be quiet and soft-spoken but kick ass when necessary, that's what I say.

I wish he had followed Vishal's example and developed a six-pack for those scenes where he's exposing his torso.

I do like watching him fight. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. And more fight, fight, fight, fighting.

Certain parts of "Tamilan Endra" remind me of "Podu Aattam Podu", Simbu's intro song in Vallavan.

Like Meena, Sneha was born to wear saris. She looks so alluring in traditional clothes.

I love the "Machaan Machaan" song. The picturisation is so sexy. Sneha looks seriously gorgeous, and she and Simbu make a nice-looking pair. I can't wait for the better picture quality of the Ayngaran release.

Oh, crap. Gotta wait again.

ETA 2: Fighting in spite of getting stabbed brings to mind a scene near the end of Dum.

Death scene very effective.

Nice transition to the present.

Billa scene. Took me a second to recognize Nirosha from Soora Samharam(awesomely bad cop movie from the 80s). Funny, but maybe lasted a couple of minutes too long. And what's up with the goras who sound like bad voice-overs? If you're gonna hire white actors, at least get ones who don't make me cringe every time they open their mouths.

For some reason, the way Simbu's dressed in the "Where Is The Party?" song makes me think of the eighties aerobics craze.

Okay, this feels like the Lal-Simbu fight scene near the end of Kaalai.

Wow, Sana really looks like Simran with those specs.

Even with its flaws, I still think it's a pretty good popcorn flick. I hope it does well enough to make up for Kaalai.

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