Monday, December 1, 2008

Tum? A Dangerous Obsession(2004)

The opening credits were cool, and the first half was not-bad, but the second hour took a nosedive after Karan Nath's character got bumped off. And the actual killer's motive? Totally laughable considering that I knew from the get-go that he couldn't care less about a vagina.

Manisha had moments of her former prettiness, but still looked a few years older than her actual age at the time(32? 33?). I don't know if she was made up to appear that way, or if the drugs and alcohol had already taken a toll on her face.

Karan Nath was cute, but to say that he sucks as an actor would be an understatement. The scene where he's all wild-eyed and puffing on a cigarette while trying to contact Manisha is not to be missed.

How/why Karan became obsessed with Manisha remains a mystery to me. I would suggest that it was because of her stellar bedroom skills, but she was passed out drunk during the encounter, so...

Natanya Singh was too heavy and too tarty-looking for me to believe she was a fashion model. I know this is a movie and it doesn't necessarily have to be realistic, but

Despite its stupidity, this movie was in my "watchably bad" pile for the longest time. What can I say? I have a soft spot for idiotic films(well, some of them). The more skeazy and/or unintentionally hilarious a particular flick is, the more I tend to love it.

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