Tuesday, December 2, 2008


AKA "I Feel Blue. So Very, Very Blue."

The relentless blue tones were pretty at first, but after a while, my eyes started to hurt and I wanted to tell RGV to knock it off.

Speaking of RGV, he obviously has a thing for a woman's legs and feet. The numerous shots of Jiah Khan's lower limbs reminded me of his obsession with Antara Mali's gams and peds in Naach.

I think Jiah Khan is a pretentious bitch(pot, meet kettle), but I like her. She has an unusual look that I find appealing. And I love her hair. I swear, if I had either her or Mallika's tresses, I'd get whiplash from flinging my head around so much.

Ms. Khan is the sole reason I bought the movie. Acting-wise, I thought she did fine. More than likely, she was just playing herself, with a few minor edits. At times, her character brought to mind Drew Barrymore's in Poison Ivy, particularly during the scene where she playfully drags Shraddha Arya into the shower with her. (Which is weird, because there wasn't any such scene in Poison Ivy, but there ya go.)

Quick thoughts about the other actors:

Amitabh Bachchan - He acted well and fit the part. I got the same "Ohhhhh, I wish he were MY daddy!" feelings I had when I watched Aetbaar.

Shraddha Arya - Facially, she reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who, and it's driving me nuts.

Revathy/Revathi - I remember her from Oru Kaithiyin Diary, Thevar Magan, Iruvar, Thoondil, and Dil Jo Bhi Kahey. I wish I had ordered Punnagai Mannan when it was available from India Weekly.

It's been close to a year since I last watched this movie. Typing about it makes me consider digging it out from wherever it is and rewatching it.

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