Monday, December 1, 2008


I like Nayantara, but I found her character, Jyothy, so irritating. During the scene where E(Jeeva) beats her, I seriously wanted to join in. I guess I should've appreciated how she was trying to reform him, but her Jiminy Cricket act only made me roll my eyes and wish that less screen time had been devoted to her and that stupid gold chain. In Nayan's defense, however, she did look pretty, and I liked the "Kala Kala Kalai" number(although, she lacked the body and the dance moves to really pull it off).

I'm still on the fence about E's change of heart near the end. I liked his "anything for money" attitude and seemingly unredeemable nature, and wasn't too thrilled with how he suddenly developed a conscience several minutes before the closing credits. On one hand, it "had" to happen since he discovered how his grandmother and Jyothy's sister died, but on the other hand, it felt too abrupt. I think Dr. Ramakrishnan's(Ashish Vidyarti) machinations should've been revealed to E. sooner. **shrug**

Complaints aside, I think E is a pretty good timepass. I've rewatched it enough to have gotten my money's worth. **wry grin**

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