Monday, December 1, 2008

Rock N Roll(2007)

Or, "Things I Think About Just Before I Have To Get Up".

I tried to watch this about a year ago. For some reason, I thought it would be good--or rather, I hoped it would be good since Lakshmi Rai was in it. I like her, even though I've never seen any of her films. Rock N Roll would've been the first, but I gave up after a few minutes. As soon as I saw Mohanlal's ponytail, the whole movie went downhill for me. (There's just something about a middle-aged man sporting a ponytail that triggers my "Ugh!" reflex.) But now I'm thinking I should give it a second chance. Just ignore the ponytail and wait for Lakshmi to appear onscreen. Maybe I'll do that--if it's still online, that is.

ETA: I ordered it, along with Black Cat. I hope I don't regret my purchases. **wry smile** I was desperate to spend money, and it's taking forever for the Ayngaran version of Kuruvi to be in stock. Plus, I "need" more fodder for this blog, hahahaha.

ETA2: I don't regret either of my purchases. They were both watchable, although right now, I'm leaning toward Black Cat as being the more entertaining of the two. Maybe I will elaborate further on each film when/if I can come up with something semi-coherent.

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