Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yeah, I was "eh" on this at first, but after watching Athidhi for the ten millionth time I decided that I needed another Mahesh Babu fix. So I thought I'd give this another chance. I'm glad I did, because it's actually pretty good. It may very well be bumped up to "really good" after I watch it a few more times.

'Cause I like to keep it brief:

I prefer the longer hair Mahesh sported in Athidhi, but he still looked good.

I'm torn as to which pairing I like best: Trisha-Vijay or Trisha-Mahesh?

Hi, Prakash Raj, how ya doin'? (He actually didn't bug me in this movie. I must be getting used to seeing him all the time.)

Suniel is considerably less irritating when he's not constantly saying "angle". (Prior to this, Athidhi was my only exposure to him.)

Trisha was her usual cute, bubbly, and sexy self.

I liked the picturisations of the "Chandamama Chandamama" and "Avunu Nijam" songs.

The shoot-out inside the church with the flying pigeons and the slow and stop motion made me think of Mission: Impossible 2 and The Matrix.

I had a feeling that tenth marble would come in handy.

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