Friday, December 19, 2008


I ordered the 2-in-1 DVD just now. I thought, "What the hell? If it sucks, I hope it's a good kind of suck(e.g. Showgirls), and not a bad suck(e.g. Satyam)." According to the director, Raju Sundaram, Aegan is not a remake of the Bollywood film, Main Hoon Na. Even though I haven't seen the latter(and don't plan to), I'm 99% certain that the former is a copycat. Not that it matters. I mean, if I allowed some filmmakers' penchant for plagarism to get in the way of my movie watching, I would have very few DVDs in my collection. **knowing grin**

Nayantara is the main reason I bought it. She's not the greatest actress, but I think she can be pretty good(e.g. Raapakal, Yaradi Nee Mohini), and I find her sexy, which is usually all it takes to catch my attention. And since I liked Ajith in Billa, I figured I might like him in Aegan, too. I hope I'm not disappointed.

I'll return to this entry after I've watched it.

ETA 01/22/10: It's been a while since I last watched this flick but, this movie sucks. Lord knows I'm not an SRK fan but I'm sure Main Hoon Na is a lot better. Still, I liked Ajith, big gut, facial hair, and all. I wish he'd leave the action stuff to Vijay and do more films like Vaali and Mugavari.

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