Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yeh To Kamal Ho Gaya(1982)

I've been obsessed with hunting down and watching this movie ever since I came across these song clips on YouTube. Judging from the description on, it appears to be the Hindi remake of Sattam En Kayil. As usual, I don't expect anything earth-shatteringly great, but I want to see it for two very shallow reasons:

1. Hannah Mitchell and Kamal Hassan seem to have more chemistry than Kamal and that French actress in Sattam En Kayil. The former pair were not remotely believable as lovers, IMO. Even when he smooched her, it felt so staged and passionless.

2. Hannah Mitchell--who happens to be the sister of the person who uploaded those videos, BTW--is one of the few blonde women I find genuinely attractive. By that I mean, her face doesn't look like the back end of a Mack truck, but because she has blonde hair, she's automatically upgraded to "hot" or "gorgeous". She's actually very pretty, and I seriously wish I were as flexible as she was/is.

The VCD is available from WebMall India, but it would cost about $18 to have it shipped to the US :( And I don't want to order four additional movies I don't really, really want just to make the shipping charge more palatable. **sigh** If only it were available from anytamil; I'd pay only $2.98 for shipping.

I have a feeling that if it's ever released on DVD, it will be an Eagle DVD, which means I'd have to order at least five copies because I know the first one won't play at all, the second and the third will freeze halfway through, and the menus probably won't work on the fourth copy. (Yeah, I've had a few money-wasting experiences with Eagle DVDs. I think they're worse than Video Sound.)

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