Monday, December 22, 2008

Short takes, pt. 2.

I might do more in-depth posts on some or all of these, but for now:

Ek Nai Paheli(1984) - I hope I didn't imagine the chemistry between Kamal Hassan and Hema Malini. Kamal's wig was weirdly hypnotic.

Ullasa Paravaigal(1980) - Not what I expected. A disappointment. I got sick of watching Kamal and Rati Agnihotri getting chased by foreign actors in the second half.

Sivappu Rojakkal(1978) - The wonderbread shirt rocks. Loved the Kamal-Sri chemistry. The "Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothinnnnggggg!" scene is one of my favorites.

Tik...Tik...Tik(1981) - Madhavi's blue bikini is forever etched in my mind, as are the scenes of Kamal lying shirtless in bed and Kamal in his underwear. The ending was very anti-climatic.

Vanakkathukiriya Kathali(1977) - I love Sridevi but I gotta admit, this movie is very slow and boring. It puts me to sleep whenever I try to watch it.

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