Monday, April 27, 2009

Rettai Jadai Vayasu(1997)

I bought the DVD because of this song. While I liked the scenes with Manthra(aka Raasi) and Ajith, overall, I feel this movie is rather draggy and boring. I don't hate it, I'm just kinda "meh". Normally, I don't mind films where I already know that the two leads will end up together but first, I have to sit through about 2 hours of whatever obstacles are blocking the path to their union. However, with this one, I was like, "Oh, hook up already!"

Here are a few reasons I savored Ajith and Manthra's screen time together(I was a bit cap-happy):

From the "Kummunu" song(audio censored from 0:40 to 0:44)

Manthra so cute! (Though I prefer her other alias, Raasi.)

Color-coordinated razor and towel. Very nice.

I plan to do this for my future husband. (Not EVERY
day, but whenever I'm feeling particularly helpful.)

Not a kiss, but close enough.

I think Manthra looks really beautiful here,
and I like the finger bite :)

From "Thaam Thakita", the song
I referred to at the beginning of this post

I'm not a fan of snakes, but
this one looks pretty sexy ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009


The DVD is available from Induna, but I don't want to spend $14 just to have it delivered to me. Maybe it will show up on Nehaflix one day.

Some caps I swiped from a now-deleted forum:

Songs I found on YouTube:

"Ghir Aaye Megh Parbat Pe Bijuriya"

"Sun Mere Sajan"

"Shiv Hai Shiv Hai"

"Ghani Ghani Amariya"

"Mandir Ki Murti"

"Tujhe Dekhne ko Tarasti Hain Ankhein"

"Mujhe Raah Dikha Bhram Door Karo"


I remember precious little about this movie except that it was the typical "poor boy loves rich girl" part eleventy seven fifty. Um, let's see: there was Madz as a model, a guy who has his sleazy eyes on her because of his mom's political aspirations(I think), Chunky saves her from said guy, she has a change of heart, somewhere along the line Madhuri's dad frames Chunky for a robbery, and in the end, Madz leaps out of a window, taking Chunky and his hospital bed with her.(That was awesome, BTW. I loved it.) Oh, and there was also a boxing match that reminded me of the one in Dil.

I'm bound to Sridevi forever and ever, but I think Madhuri is soooooo sexy. She just oozes sensuality. (Aside: She's a Taurus, right? **checks** Yep. That's supposedy the most feminine and/or sensual of the signs, but I would disagree, being a Pisces and all ;))

P.S. Never buy Eagle DVDs. They suck.