Thursday, April 16, 2009


This movie is Showgirls bad(i.e. fan-fucking-tastic). It almost feels like a satire. And it's so unapologetically misogynistic, I don't know whether to laugh out of embarrassment or political incorrectness.

I will try to type more after I've processed the utter and unintentional hilarity of this flick.

P.S. I totally want to marry this version of Ajith:

P.P.S. Will the "twin brothers separated at birth" storyline EVER die? It is so last century.

ETA: This movie so bad. I laughed and cringed at the same time.

I kinda liked how unlikeable I found Vishnu(Ajith) and Divya(Asin). He looked and acted like an overgrown frat boy on spring break, she was rather ditzy and annoying.

I thought Vishnu's father, Shiva(also played by Ajith), was FILF material. And the scene where he's in his wheelchair, circling around Vishnu and beating him at the same time? Pure comedy.

Don't get me started on the elevator, 'cause I'm jealous I don't have one in my house.

There's no better way to prove that you're "a real man" than by raping the woman who rejected you for being too feminine.[/sarcasm] Having said that, I adored effeminate heterosexual Shiva up until that point.

I liked the part where Vishnu pretends to be Jeeva and feeds Kanika. Had the rest of the movie been less campy, it would've/could've been a powerful scene.

The end credits look like a blooper reel, but it's not, it's an overexplanation of how evil twin Jeeva framed Vishnu for all his bad deeds.

There's more, but those were some of the things that stood out the most for me.

ETA2: The more I watch this, the more affection I have for it. But, it doesn't venture into awesomely bad territory until after the first half-hour. Before that, it's kind of a yawn, and irritating as fuck.


Beth said...

I'm SO intrigued! It sounds toatlly hatable yet also...luridly tempting.

lapetitediva said...

It's truly in Showgirls "So-bad-it's-GOOD" territory. So vile yet so laughably bad and compulsively watchable.