Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's not as bad as I initially thought. I still think Ajith looks ridiculous in the Lord Rama getup, and his monotone kills whatever impact the "Kadavul. Naan Kadavul" line might have had, but overall, I think it's a decent timepass. And the sight of Ajith as a brooding, do-gooder type gets my motor running. I didn't think a mortician could be so appealing. **ahem**

Asin was cute, but she didn't have much to do. To amuse myself, I checked for her supposed "wide hip". (An individual on another site posted something along the lines of, "Her hip is wide enough to screen a movie.") I'm either blind or overly forgiving of her flaws because her hips, at least from what I could see, looked normal to me. **shrug** Besides, compared to some of the fleshier heroines, she's downright bony.

On the first listen, I thought the songs were forgettable. But now I realize that "Pallandu, Pallandu" is really beautiful, and "Pidikkum" and "Mayile Mayile" have grown on me, although I wish the DVD contained the uncensored version of the latter song.

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