Thursday, April 2, 2009

Current SLO: Sana Khan.

SLO = Short-Lived Obsession

She made her debut in the wonderfully hot mess that was Silambattam(speaking of which, should I get the 2-in-1 DVD or wait for the Ayngaran version?) and will be seen next in Thambikku Intha Ooru, opposite Bharath. She's an ad model who's best known for the "controversial" Amul Macho underwear ad. She recently filmed another version of that ad.

Tiny screencaps from first Macho Amul ad.

Facially, she reminds me of Simran, which is probably why I like her. I hope she does more Tamil films solely because I think she's pretty and sexy and a decent dancer.

Some stills from Thambikku Intha Ooru:

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Nicki said...

I love your SLO!! She is a cutie!