Thursday, April 2, 2009


According to "Thoranai looks like some Hollywood movie...[it stars] beautiful and sexy Shriya Saran opposite Vishal..[it] has been shot in exotic locales and magnificent sets built in Chennai and Hyderabad. The film has spectacular stunts, hilarious comedy track, and heart melting romance."

Wow. Sounds like the description of just about every other movie that has been or is about to be released these days. That's okay, though, because I'll watch it purely for eye candy reasons. Vishal has only 1.5 facial expressions, but he's not bad looking, and he has a nice, toned body. And Shriya is one of the most gorgeous women on this planet. I wouldn't mind trading faces with her.


Nicki said...

Looks interesting!

Juzé said...

Great movie! the best song is Manjasela mandakani