Friday, April 24, 2009


I remember precious little about this movie except that it was the typical "poor boy loves rich girl" part eleventy seven fifty. Um, let's see: there was Madz as a model, a guy who has his sleazy eyes on her because of his mom's political aspirations(I think), Chunky saves her from said guy, she has a change of heart, somewhere along the line Madhuri's dad frames Chunky for a robbery, and in the end, Madz leaps out of a window, taking Chunky and his hospital bed with her.(That was awesome, BTW. I loved it.) Oh, and there was also a boxing match that reminded me of the one in Dil.

I'm bound to Sridevi forever and ever, but I think Madhuri is soooooo sexy. She just oozes sensuality. (Aside: She's a Taurus, right? **checks** Yep. That's supposedy the most feminine and/or sensual of the signs, but I would disagree, being a Pisces and all ;))

P.S. Never buy Eagle DVDs. They suck.

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