Thursday, April 9, 2009


This movie is a hot mess. HOTTT MESSSSSS!!!!. I watched it three times last night and I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Let's see: Thirupathi's(Ajith Kumar) sister dies while giving birth in a government hospital because the doctor lied about the difficulty of the birth so that he could get more money from Thirupathi's family. (I think.) Thirupathi swears revenge on the doctor, who is also the half-brother of Thirupathi's wealthy best friend, who isn't really his friend, but is only using him. And then there's Thirupathi's younger(?) brother who's studying to be a doctor but he doesn't want to stay in India, he wants to go abroad where he'll make more money. Lots of fights and lofty speeches and song sequences ensue. In the end, a new law is passed where all hospitals are required to allow women to give birth for free. (I think.)

If it weren't for the songs, Sada wouldn't have had a reason to be in the film. Laila Mehdin makes an appearance in one of the songs. None of the songs made an impression on me as they all looked and sounded the same.

I found Ajith's character to be thoroughly unlikeable. Maybe it was his haggard, bug-eyed appearance. Maybe it was his better-suited-for-Vijay mannerisms and speeches. Maybe it was the raging allergy headache I had last night that was made worse by watching this hodgepodge mess of a movie(and THREE times at that, because I wasn't sure of what I saw the first time). Whatever it was, I vastly prefer the Ajith of Mugavari, Vaali, Poovellam Un Vasam, and Paramasivan(where he was just as thin, but not quite as crackhead-looking).

ETA: I'm watching it again(gotta get my money's worth!) and I've decided that maybe Ajith doesn't look that bad. I'm thinking that his Vijay-esque histrionics clouded my judgement about his appearance. Or maybe not. I don't know. Anyway, I DO like the song with him and Laila just because it's him and Laila. I like their (real or imagined) chemistry.

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