Thursday, April 16, 2009

Manav Hatya(1986)

One of Madhuri's earlier films. Here's what little I know, based on what I've read about a year ago on a now-gone forum and in an online article(don't remember the link): She plays a lawyer. She didn't complete the dubbing because sometime during or after shooting, she was discovered by Subash Ghai who cast her in...Ram Laksham, I think. To this day, she refuses to discuss or acknowledge this movie. It's not commercially available, but it's sometimes shown on Zee TV during the wee hours of the night/early morning. Oh, and she supposedly received her first on-screen kiss from co-star Shekhar Suman, who had this to say about it:
"...I remember a song in 'Manav Hatya' where we had to do a kissing scene. It was a funny kiss on screen for me, as we had to kiss on a beat. I was so uncomfortable but Madhuri made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during that scene!" Source

LP cover I found on this site:

Some screencaps, courtesy of the Indomania forums:

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