Monday, April 27, 2009

Rettai Jadai Vayasu(1997)

I bought the DVD because of this song. While I liked the scenes with Manthra(aka Raasi) and Ajith, overall, I feel this movie is rather draggy and boring. I don't hate it, I'm just kinda "meh". Normally, I don't mind films where I already know that the two leads will end up together but first, I have to sit through about 2 hours of whatever obstacles are blocking the path to their union. However, with this one, I was like, "Oh, hook up already!"

Here are a few reasons I savored Ajith and Manthra's screen time together(I was a bit cap-happy):

From the "Kummunu" song(audio censored from 0:40 to 0:44)

Manthra so cute! (Though I prefer her other alias, Raasi.)

Color-coordinated razor and towel. Very nice.

I plan to do this for my future husband. (Not EVERY
day, but whenever I'm feeling particularly helpful.)

Not a kiss, but close enough.

I think Manthra looks really beautiful here,
and I like the finger bite :)

From "Thaam Thakita", the song
I referred to at the beginning of this post

I'm not a fan of snakes, but
this one looks pretty sexy ;)

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