Friday, April 24, 2009

NFR: Amrita Rao

Unveiling Titan's Raga Chocolat collection.

I wish she would do more Telugu movies, preferably with Mahesh Babu. With the exception of Ab Ke Baras, none of her Hindi movies have tempted me to break out my debit card. **thinking** Well, if I ever see Victory in the $5 bin I might get it, because Harman Baweja's "second-rate Hrithik" looks appeal to me for some odd reason.


Nicki said...

Amrita's so adorable. She hasn't been in many movies either! I have Athidhi at home but haven't watched it yet.

You didn't like Ishq Vishk? I haven't seen Welcome to Sajjanpur yet.

lapetitediva said...

Re: Athidhi - WATCH IT NOW! You will LOVE it, I promise! :) (Or rather, I HOPE you love it as much as I do. It took about three viewings before I got totally hooked.)

Re: Ishq Vishk - I'm not a Shahid Kapoor fan, so that's what's keeping me from watching/buying that and Vivah.

Welcome to Sanjapur might be a possibility. Sheras Talpade(?) isn't bad-looking.