Thursday, January 1, 2009

Short takes, pt. 3.

Yavanika(1982) - I found it online and am trying to watch it now, but I'd really like to go to bed at a decent hour tonight, so I will save it for later. I think my dad would like this because he used to be involved in the theatre when he was younger.

Kuruvi(2008) - Typical Vijay fare. I liked it, but prefer the second half mainly because Vivek was thankfully absent. Trisha looked really good. I read a couple of reviews that stated she looked aged and plump, but she appeared fine to me. **shrug** I guess I have low standards--ha, ha.

Ghajini(2005) - Watched it yesterday because it's been a while since I last viewed it. My introduction to Nayantara. I thought she was annoying as hell, but found her cute and sexy enough to check out some of her other films. Clean-cut Surya was nice, but the crazy-eyed, tattooed version was much hotter. Asin was adorable, maybe a little too adorable, but perhaps she was directed to act that way.

Gharshana(2005) - Another "it's been a while, so I watched it again today". I think I like this slightly better than Kaaka Kaaka, but I'm not sure why. I thought Surya and Jyothika made a better pair and had more chemistry, but for some reason, I'm drawn to Venky-Asin.

Kedi(2006) - Ileana's first and only Tamil film. I have the 2-in-1 DVD because at the time, anytamil didn't have the Ayngaran version in stock. I checked again the other day and didn't see "out of stock" beside it, so maybe it's available? Ileana looked good, as did Tamanna, or however she spells her name these days. Part of me wants to be a Tamanna fan, because she's extremely easy on the eyes, and appears to be a decent actress, but I just can't make myself go ga-ga for her the way I do for Ileana.

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