Thursday, January 29, 2009

Johnny Gadar(2007)

Why did I get this movie again? Was it because I thought Neil Nitin Mukesh was kinda cute? Or that the plot sounded interesting? Or that it looked like it might be good based on a quick look-see online? I believe it was for all three of those reasons, but last night, as I tried to watch it for the third or fourth time, I found myself regretting my purchase and making a mental note to never order another Hindi movie again. (I kid, I kid(but not really).) I just couldn't get into it. The cinematography was nice, I liked the opening credits, and Dharmendra looked hot(age suits him, because I didn't think he was all that in his youth), but aside from that, I wasn't impressed. Perhaps if I hunt down and read a spoilerific review or two, I'll feel more inclined to see what happens for myself.

I should've actually watched it online instead of just skimming through it. I probably would've saved myself $14. Oh, well. I'll make another attempt to watch it, just to keep my money from going to waste.

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