Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short takes, pt. 5.

Rewatched Aata and Aishwarya last night. Very jumbled, stream-of-conscious thoughts on both:

Aata(2007) - Puppies and bubble hips, oh my! Still can't believe Siddarth and Ileana didn't get along on-set. She's a better actress than he gave her credit for because I didn't sense any animosity, and I usually pick up on things like that(already stated this in original Aata entry, but worth repeating). I don't pay close attention, obviously, because Suniel was in this, too, and just noticed last night. More I watch it, the more I like it. Oh, and I prefer Siddarth with longer locks and facial hair(did I already mention this?), looks more like a man instead of a little boy like he does when he's clean-shaven and with shorter hair. And I intend to copy the denim jacket, white tee, and khaki capris Ileana wore in the first half.

Aishwarya(2006) - Upendra-Daisy romance "inspired by" Surya-Asin one in Ghajini. Had a feeling it wasn't just mere coincidence. Liked second disc better than first, but overall, liked movie, had to watch more than once to really get into it. Prefer Uppi's disheveled look in Satyam. I seem to have a thing for guys who look crazy and/or unkempt. The last song is love. "Aishu, I love you!" I don't know, Deepika seemed to have a butt in this one--I recall her Levis commercial and she appeared to have "noassatall". Maybe she was wearing butt pads in this movie, or perhaps it was just the camera angles(I'm referring to the aforementioned last song, there's a part where she's swaying sexily in jeans and a bikini top).

ETA 01/07/10: I rewatched the second half of Aishwarya last night and felt the "cute alien" vibes all over again. She should've stayed in the south. With the exception of Sridevi--and maybe Jayaprada--I tend to lose interest in south heroines after they migrate to the north, the most recent example being Asin(why, oh why, couldn't she have remained in Kolly and/or Tollywood?). Whatever they had in TN, AP, KL, or KA, they seem to lose it once they hit Mumbai. Or maybe that's just my "Bollywood isn't the end-all, be-all" prejudice talking. **shrug**

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