Friday, January 30, 2009

Mungaru Male(2006)

I hate movies that feature animals because I always end up caring more about the animals than the people. Such is the case with Mungaru Male. I'm still sad about Devdas. Poor Devdas. Every time he/she/it appeared onscreen, I thought, "Awwww...Devdas!" Maybe I'm having flashbacks from the time when I was a kid and had a pet bunny rabbit. As gooshy as I get over animals, you'd think I was a die-hard vegetarian-slash-crazed-animal-rights-activist, but I'm not. (Although, I am working on the vegetarian part.) Anyway...

I didn't really watch this movie, I just skipped through the chapters to make sure the disc wasn't defective. But what I saw looked okay. Not great, but soap opera-ish enough to appeal to my fondness for nearly all things melodramatic. This is most likely one of those "after I watched it a billion-skillion times, I learned to love it"-type films.

I'll return to this entry after I've given it a proper viewing.

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