Thursday, February 5, 2009

Short takes, pt. 7.

I haven't been feeling inspired to post a "real" entry, so here's yet another list:

Last night, I watched: Paandu(starring Sneha and Jagapathi Babu), as well the 1980 version of Billa with Rajnikanth and Sripriya. For me, the highlight of the latter film was watching Helen dance in a outfit similar to the one Sridevi wore in Kalakaar. Overall, I thought it was pretty good, but I think I prefer the remake(which is rare, because it's usually the other way around).

The night before, I watched: Julie, the 2006 Kannada remake with Ramya/Divya Spandana and Dino Morea. I liked the antiquated feel in the first half, but hated it in the second half. I wish I had known about and watched the Malayalam original, Chattakari, before it got pulled, especially since it doesn't appear to be available on even VCD.

Last week, I obsessively watched: Ghajini and Billa. With regards to the first flick, even though Nayantara doesn't look her best, and her character is annoying as hell, I still found her appealing. I think it's because of the first couple of minutes of the "X Pichi Y Pichi" song(I have the dubbed Telugu version 'cause it was cheaper).

They were under $5, so I bought them: Nee Thodu Kavali(Charmi's Telugu debut), Ammai Bagundi(because of Meera Jasmine).

I was going to buy: the 2-in-1 DVD of Chakraviyugam solely because of Daisy Bopanna, but I didn't. Maybe next time. Same for the Telugu version of Happy Days.

Posts that are still brewing in my head: Sridevi, Mungaru Male, Kallori, Heartbeats. Hopefully, they'll all see the light of day sometime within the next couple of months.

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