Friday, February 20, 2009

Rowdy Don(2004)

Dubbed Telugu version of Jana, starring Ajith Kumar and Sneha. I watched some of it last night before falling asleep. I thought it was pretty good, in spite of the poor picture quality and the dubbing artist used for Karunaas. The main reason I enjoyed the movie is because of Sneha; she looked amazing, as usual. I found Ajith hot, too. And speaking of hot, that's the adjective I would use to describe the picturisation of the "Thithi Thidavae" song. To put it delicately, I really, really liked it. And the scene where Sneha is hiding in the bushes, snapping pictures of Ajith while he's sword fighting? Yeah, I liked that, too.

I would order the Tamil version, but knowing anytamil, they don't have it in stock. And I'm too paranoid about viruses and spyware to download it from the 'net. Maybe one day, it will show up in bhavanidvd's inventory. Quite a few Tamil and Kannada films I ordered from anytamil eventually appeared on bhavani's site, so hopefully, this one will, too. If not, I'll just make do with my Telugu dub.

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