Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't like Prabhas. There's something about his screen presence that irritates me. He's nice to look at, but whenever he opens his mouth, I immediately lose interest. I should've learned my lesson with Yogi and Munna, but I figured, "Charmi and Asin are also in this, how bad could it be?" Much worse than I expected. I wasn't looking for award-winning material, just two hours and change of mindless entertainment, but this flick didn't do it for me.

It started out promising, with Prabhas's character, Chakram, ditching Lakshmi I(Asin) on their wedding day, but swiftly tumbled downhill once he arrived at Sahara Colony. His good samaritan acts failed to move me, so I kept my finger on the chapter skip button until I reached the "big reveal"(which I correctly guessed upon reading the plot summary) near the end. Had the screenplay and/or direction been better, and a different actor cast as the lead, I probably would've liked this film in spite of its predictability.

I might give this another chance, but for now, I'll let it collect dust on my bookshelf.

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