Friday, February 20, 2009


The short version, for now, part deux: I heart Mahesh Babu. If only I could've been Rakshita's character and mercilessly teased him "[beyond] the limit of decency"(to quote one reviewer). He is extremely pleasing to my eyes. And Rakshita's no slouch, either. Even glammed-down, she's still sexy.

Raasi/Manthra reminds me of someone, maybe a yesteryear actress, but I can't think of who, and it's driving me nuts.

More later, once I gather my thoughts.

ETA: I haven't forgotten about this, just got sidetracked, as usual. Three things:

The look in Raasi's eyes when she rammed the knife into Mahesh's side was both scary and a thing of beauty.

The movie doesn't start to pick up until after the father is killed and the mother and son set out to destroy the people responsible for his death one by one.

The showdown between Mahesh and Gopichand at the end requires a serious suspension of disbelief.

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