Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Love You Raa(2002)

Telugu dub of I Love You Da. I love the "I Love You Raa", "Autograph", and "Oh Priya" songs so much, I wish I had the Tamil DVD just for the better picture quality. I wonder if any of those songs are on the Simran Hits DVD? I'm not a fan of songs-only DVDs, but for Simran, I'd make an exception.

The movie itself is not as awesomely bad as I hoped. Granted, I know zilch about cricket(and sports in general, as I don't watch them), but I thought even a non-fan like me would be entertained by a film about match-fixing. Instead, all I can think is "feels disjointed", "ends abruptly", "too clich├ęd and over-the-top for even me", "little boy committing suicide--WTF?" On the plus side, I enjoyed watching Simran, Raghuvaran, and--gasp!--Prakash Raj(he looks nice clean-shaven, I must say). And, it was only $2.99, so it wasn't a total waste of cash.

Aside: I Googled and yes, "I Love You Da" is on the Simran Hits DVD, along with "MTV Paarthu Putta".

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