Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sanam Teri Kasam(1982)

This is the second of Kamal's Hindi movies that I watched(the first was Ek Duje Ke Liye). I bought it solely because I was intrigued by the DVD cover and ended up liking it so much that it remained in constant rotation in my DVD player. It's been a while since I last viewed it. I meant to watch it last night but decided on Kuruvi instead. Anyway, I thought Kamal was cute, and I liked his accented Hindi and the chunky heeled boots he wore throughout the movie('cause he's short) ;) He and Reena Roy shared a good chemistry. I wish they had done more movies together.

I also liked the soundtrack. Because I know zilch about downloading music, I waited patiently for the CD to be available from Nehaflix :) "Jane Jaan O Meri Jane Jaan" and "Kitne Bhi Tu Karle Sitam Dil Ka Baat" are my favorite tracks. Here are the YouTube clips:

1st version of Kitne Bhi Tu Karle Sitam

2nd version

Dekhta Hoon Koi Ladki Haseen

Jana O Meri Jana

Jane Jaan O Meri Jane Jaan

Sheeshe Ke Gharon Mein

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