Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short takes, pt. 6.

Another day, another boring list. I'll post a real entry eventually.

I'm watching: Sachein(2005)

Before that, I watched a little of: Sorry...Enakku Kalyanam Ayiduchi(2006) and Gharshana(2004). I got the former because of Linda Arsenio's item number. I think she's a sketchball but at the same time, I kinda like her.

Last night, I watched: Unnale Unnale(2007)

Earlier, I tried to watch: Kireedam(2007) and Jalsa(2008), but neither movie held my interest. I might give Kireedam another chance, though.

I want to watch: Mungaru Male(2006), but I'm hesitant to tear off the plastic wrap because I don't know if it's a gift or if it was mailed to me by accident. I might end up opening it, anyway. (ETA: I'm glad I didn't open it, because it was sent to me by mistake. I will mail it to its rightful owner either tomorrow or on Monday. I was hoping it was a "thank you, please keep spending money" for my continued patronage. I guess not. Ah, well.

ETA2: Because I'm a liar(see below re: Heartbeats), I went ahead and ordered it, along with Kallori(I saw a pic of Tamanna/Tamannaah that made me a believer). I'll blame it on my unsatisfied curiosity. If I had never gotten that movie by mistake, I probably never would've considered buying it(and that's another lie, because I HAD been considering it, but I'll pretend otherwise).)

I thought about buying: Manasantha(2002), the dubbed Telugu version of Manasellam, 'cause it's really cheap, but I'm not a fan of dubs, and I've decided that the recently ordered Heartbeats(2007) should be my last DVD purchase for at least a month.

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