Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Totti Jaya(2005)

To paraphrase a YouTube commenter, "I like [Totti Jaya] because [Simbu] is QUIET!" **chuckle** While I find Simbu's finger-waving and overconfidence amusing and a turn-on at times, his laconic performance in this film is a refreshing change from his usual over-the-top, chatterbox antics in movies like Dum, Kuthu, Kadhal Azhivathilai, and Vallavan. He'll never be a great actor, but when he's not mimicking Rajnikanth or T. Rajendar, he can be pretty good. I wish he'd spend more time honing his acting skills than trying to live up to that silly "Little Superstar" moniker.

Speaking of which, the absence of his customary "Little Superstar Simbu" intro was another welcome relief. I think it should be bumped from of ALL of his future releases.

Gopika didn't have much to do except cry and/or look scared.

Linda Arsenio makes an appearance in the "Yaari Singari" song. (Totally pointless info: whenever I have this movie on before I go to sleep, I almost always wake up during that segment.)

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