Wednesday, November 5, 2008


AKA "Where's Jyothika?"

For the longest time, I wondered if I were watching the right movie. I even double-checked Wikipedia to make sure that her name was listed in the credits. I wasn't really paying attention, so I thought that maybe she was onscreen while I was preoccupied in another browser window. Long story, short version: I slid the marker on the time bar to 1:22:25 and lo and behold, there she was, looking too cute in white and dancing with the maid.

I could be wrong, but it sounded as if Jyothika's lines were mouthed by the same person who dubs for Trisha in her Telugu movies.

While I'm on the subject, was Ileana's dubbing artist for Rakhee used for Charmi in this flick? Hmmm...maybe not, but that individual's voice sounds familiar.

Speaking of Charmi, she looked sexy in the "Mass Lallalaire" song. I especially loved the white top, skirt, and boots she wore near the end.

I preferred the Nag-Jo pairing to the Nag-Charmi one. With Jo, Nag approached the jolie-laide he had going on in Super, but with Charmi, he looked aged and horribly mismatched.

I think I'll wait for this to show up in the $4.99 and under bin. I'm not really crazy about this movie, especially since Charmi and Jyothika don't get that much screen time, but I wouldn't mind spending say, $3.99 on it if I were in one of my "Oh, I feel like wasting money on a cheap DVD!" moods.

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