Thursday, November 13, 2008


Oh hai, defective DVD! Froze at the 56:04 mark. Should I order another one? Part of me is afraid that the replacement copy will be just as bad, or worse(i.e. it won't play at all).

I found Dileep even more appealing as a transvestite. Some of his mannerisms immediately brought to mind Johnny Lever's character in Anjaam(the only movie in which I thought he was funny, BTW). Acting-wise, I thought he did a good job, and he and Gopika made a lovely couple. (Yeah, I have an obsession with couples.) Dileep's gender bending made their relationship especially erotic.

Too bad I couldn't view this movie in its entirety. Bhavana, my latest "Actress to Check Out", is in it as well, and I would've liked to have seen her. Bah!

Just when I was having a good run of luck with non-defective DVDs, Sainikudu and this one had to fuck up on me. **sigh**

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