Monday, November 10, 2008


I am such a masochist. I watched nearly the entire movie before my common sense finally kicked in and screamed, "ENOUGH! Switch it off! Switch it off!"

The opening shots of Lawrence performing menial jobs around Dubai piqued my interest, but it quickly waned after the movie went into flashback mode to Lawrence's earlier days as a carefree youth in his village.

I will give Lawrence a kudo for trying his damndest to act like a hero in spite of having neither the looks nor the charm to be one. I tried to be open-minded but he's just too skeazy-looking for my comfort level. I can't shake the feeling that he's the type who makes slurping sounds at every female who passes by.

Sneha is the sole reason I sat through this drivel. I would've enjoyed her glam act a lot more had she been paired with a better-looking and/or more charismatic hero. I didn't detect any chemistry between her and Lawrence. I got the impression that she was just doing her job. I hope she was paid well.

The three songs with Namitha could've--should've--been left on the cutting room floor. I'm sure the frontbenchers loved them, but I found them forced and unnecessary.

I kept waiting for Pandi's(Lawrence) mother to get killed so that he could avenge her death and the movie would hopefully stop dragging so damn much. I thought she would get bumped off just before the interval, but the film was almost over before she finally made her exit. By that time, my brain and eyeballs were screaming for mercy, so I stopped the movie. I regret not doing that sooner.

Normally, I can handle and even appreciate stupid movies, but Pandi is one of the exceptions. I wouldn't watch this again even if someone gave me a free copy of the DVD.

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