Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have the dubbed Telugu version that I watched about two years ago. Aside from the picturisation of the "Thottutae Thottutae" song, I remember very little.

For whatever reason(s), I've been thinking about this movie for the past couple of days. Based on my faulty memory, I have a feeling that it's kind of similar to Bheema. I intend to re-watch it tonight--if I can find it, that is. I can't remember if it's still on my bookshelf or if I put it in my closet.

ETA: It was in my closet. I watched about a half-hour before replacing it with Athidhi. The poor picture quality and obvious dubbing made me seriously considering spending $20+ on the Tamil version. Trisha looked like a dream in that white tennis dress. Surya looks best when he's playing a rowdy. Vadivelu's spoof of the "Kumari" song from Anniyan was funny. I will have it give it another look once I decide whether or not I really want to buy the Ayngaran DVD.

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