Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rathri Mazha(2008)

I'm going to have to come back to this, because it was a little too heavy for me to try to watch in one sitting. But here are my thoughts so far:

Vineeth and Meera Jasmine looked like members of the Blue Man Group in the opening scenes. I kept thinking, "Blue blobs, blue blobs, their faces look like BLUE BLOBS!" I don't know if the picture quality of the DVD is THAT bad, or if they were lit that way on purpose.

Talking to the camera: DO NOT LIKE!

Was there a bit of meta(?) involved when Meera's character, whose name was also Meera, says that Mammootty is her favorite actor? I immediately thought of how they worked together in Ore Kadal and wondered if she was making a winking reference to that.

"Dowry is hidden in the term 'appropriate family background'"--haha I like that!

Vineeth looks better in stills than he does on film.

This might take a while to grow on me.

ETA: I had it on repeat the other night, and I think some of it may have sunk in while I was sleeping because when I re-watched it yesterday, I definitely appreciated it more than I did on my first viewing.

I still think Vineeth looks better in pics, but when he wore glasses, I found him quite handsome. I wish there had been more scenes of him dancing. From what was shown, he appears to be a very beautiful and sensual dancer.

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