Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's so typical of me. I start out not liking or feeling "meh" about a particular actor/actress and then one day, bam! I suddenly like him/her. Such is the case with Mahesh Babu. After last night's viewing of Athidhi, he is my new onscreen crush. He looked so good, I got all fangirl "Squee"-y whenever he stepped in front of the camera.

I had to go to bed, so I didn't watch all of it, but what I did see, I liked. It's not a great movie, but it's watchable. I can tell this is one of those flicks that I'll grow to love after several repeat viewings.

Amrita was cute, and she shared good chemistry with Mahesh. I liked her comedy scenes, particularly the one where she imagines bashing up Sunil for acting like he was some kind of super stud. (Aside: His constant use of the word "angle" got on my nerves.) I'd like to see her in more Telugu films, especially since none of her Hindi ones inspire me to break out my debit card.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Amrita asks Athidhi if he ever loved anyone and he replies "Sridevi", and goes on to say that she's now married and has kids, and that he would've told her he loved her had he been born fifteen years earlier. Granted, those lines were in the script but still, I was tickled to hear that, being a huge Sridevi fan :)

Minus points: The beginning dragged a bit, and I wish there had been fewer fight scenes and a little more footage of the Athidhi-Amrita romance. Also, the songs were lackluster. This is the kind of movie that "needs" a great soundtrack in order to make up for its shortcomings.

But in spite of its flaws, I'm pleased with my purchase. I bought it on a whim, and it turned out to be a good choice.

ETA: The more I watch this, the more I like it. I still think the songs are lackluster, and that there are too many fight scenes, and I wish the director had had the guts to shoot an atypical ending(for a brief moment, I thought it was going to end on a sudden and somber note, but my hopes were quickly dashed), but despite that, I really enjoy this movie. Again, it's not great, but it's entertaining, and looking at Mahesh makes me all tingly inside :)

ETA2: Athidhi has become my "go-to" movie whenever I'm in a crappy mood(like now). "Khiladi Koona" and "Ornayano Pichi Pichigaa"(aka "Gona Gona Gona") have grown on me somewhat, but I like only certain parts of each song. I'm diggin' Mahesh's longer hair; I think it really suits him. I wish Amrita would forget Bollywood and join Telugu films. **chuckle**

P.S. I'm watching the "Valla Valla" song right now and I kinda like it, mainly because of the picturisation.

ETA3: I officially like "Khiladi Koona" and "Ornayano Pichi Pichigaa". Repeated viewings will do that, I guess.

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