Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kana Kanden(2005)

I got this mainly for the "Chinna Ponnu Sonna Kelu" item number with Linda Arsenio. I honestly think it's the best part of the movie :) I like the way it's picturised, and I wish I knew how to download the song 'cause it's hot.

As for the movie itself, it was pretty good. The three leads--Srikanth, Gopika, Prithviraj--acted well, but I was partial to Prithviraj's character because of his deceptively affable demeanor. I swear I read somewhere--on another blog, perhaps?--that Kana Kanden is based on a novel, and that in the book, Madan(Prithviraj) begins charging Archana(Gopika) "consultation fees" from the day of their first meeting, and includes that amount in her and Bhaskar's(Srikanth) total debt. If that's true, I wish that had been used in the movie, because it would've highlighted just how ruthless a loan shark he was. (Maybe the scene where Madan gives Archana his cell phone as a "gift" was an allusion to that particular passage. **shrug**)

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