Friday, November 14, 2008

Japanil Kalyanaraman(1985)

Sequel to the 1979 film Kalyanaraman. I thought of this movie as I watched the video for "Appappa Thiththikkum" on YouTube. I usually try to avoid sequels, but out of curiosity I gave this one a look-see. While I would recommend the original Kalyanaraman(Sridevi rules!), I found the follow-up sufficiently entertaining. I liked the foreign locale(Japan), the fight scenes, the chemistry between Kamal Hassan and Radha, and Radha's overly made-up look. And the aforementioned "Appappa Thiththikkum" makes me seriously nostalgic for the eighties. (Don't ask why, it just does.)

Aside: The scene where Kamal's son quietly slips out of bed so that Kamal and Radha, who were lying on either side of him, can move closer together triggered a hazy childhood memory. I think I was about five, and I was sitting between my parents, in bed, blabbering something about a prince and a princess(or maybe it was a king and a queen, I don't remember), and at the end, I joined their hands together. The funny part is that they just kept staring at the TV. I doubt they even heard me, or were aware of what I did.

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