Thursday, November 13, 2008


Rich-boy-loves-poor-girl-who-later-dies-of-a-terminal-illness. This film, like Prem Geet and Khwahish, appears to have been "inspired by" Love Story. It was a bit overly melodramatic for even me, and I wish I could've taken an axe to the comedy scenes(I'm not really a fan of comedy tracks, or comedy in general, unless it has a dark or sarcastic slant to it), but aside from those minus points, I liked it. This would be the perfect movie to watch while lounging in bed, but it doesn't appear to be commercially available--in or to the U.S., that is--on either DVD or VCD.

Zarina Wahab is a dead ringer for Kangana Ranaut, which I find ironic(is that the right word?) considering that Kangana allegedly had an affair with Zarina's husband, Aditya Pancholi. She's also the only actress who I didn't think looked ridiculous wearing pigtails and hair bows. Normally, I hate that style on grown women because to me, it often looks a tad pornish.

The songs are melodious. "Sandhye Kannerithenthe" is my favorite, and I swear there's an English song that sounds similar to "Ee Malarkanyakal", but I can't recall the name. Maybe I'm just imagining things.

Oh, and another thing I wanted to take an axe to: the numerous bike riding shots. I wanted someone to steal that bike so that I wouldn't have to look at it anymore. I seriously think it had almost as much screen time as the two leads.

I liked how color coordinated Kamal and Zarina were at the end. He wore a white shirt and white pants, she was in a white hospital gown, covered with a white sheet, and resting her head against a white pillowcase.

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