Monday, November 17, 2008

Takkari Donga(2002)

Did a quick flip-through the chapters to make sure I didn't have another defective disc on my hands.

In most scenes, Bipasha Basu's skin tone is so bleached out, it's practically yellow. I assume that has to do with the type of film that was used, because Mahesh Babu and Lisa Ray were sporting a similar look.

Was Bipasha that thin at the time of shooting, or were "Promise of a New Day"-type camera tricks used? I prefer her meatier appearance in Jism.

I'm not sure why I bought this movie, but I hope I like it.

Unrelated: Prithviraj looks rather handome in Classmates. (I'm doing a flip-through of this one, too.) In Kana Kanden, he didn't do anything for me, but looking at him now, I'm tempted to check out more of his films.

Kavya reminds me of Asin for some strange reason.

ETA 01/22/10: I tried to watch this movie, but I can't get into it. Skipping chapters doesn't help, either. I dig the cowboy getup, but not even the sight of Mahesh could convince me to keep this movie in my DVD player.

ETA 02/28/10: Last night, I gave it another chance and actually kept the disc in my DVD player long enough for a couple of re-watches. I'm not crazy about the movie as a whole but some of the song picturisations are nice. "Aleba Aleba" is my favorite, especially 1:34 to 1:54 ;) I liked Bips and Mahesh together. Minus the flood lighting and with a few more pounds, she would've been perfect. Lisa Ray was pretty but not as alluring as Bipasha. The outtakes during the end credits were fun to watch, as was Mahesh in that cowboy outfit. I'm not a fan of westerns but I could look at him in that getup all day.


Nicki said...

Bips was really really skinny when she was a model. She gained weight during Jism and afterwards. Then she started working out and looking tone again.

I have this movie but with NO English subs. Why TWO Mahesh Babu films that said to have ENglish subs but didn't??

lapetitediva said...

Ohhhhh, I forgot she used to be a model. My "introduction" to her was in Jism, where she was considerably fuller, so it was a shock to see her so thin :)

My copy doesn't have subs, either. I think that with certain manufacturers, it's hit or miss as far as subs are concerned.