Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini(2008)

If it were trimmed by about forty-five minutes(it clocks in at just under three hours), it would be the perfect popcorn flick. But in spite of the lengthiness, I really like this movie, mainly because the second half brings back childhood memories of visiting relatives, the combined noise of adults and children, heavy traffic in and out of the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, the house feeling more alive because so many people were in it, etc. **sigh** Anyway...

I find it eerie how Raghuvaran, whose character dies in the movie, died about a month after the film was released. The funeral scene brought to mind my paternal grandmother's funeral, and how my father wept. I got teary-eyed while watching it.

I wasn't crazy about the picturisation of the "Oh Baby" song. The director should've ditched the item girl and just had the song playing in the background.

The "Palakkaattu Pakkathilae" remix song was cute, but could've been left on the cutting room floor, IMO. As with most songs, it didn't really add anything except extra minutes to the movie.

Aside: I doubt anyone will read this blog, but just in case...

I have mixed feelings about the ending. On one hand, it wasn't totally happy since Cheenu's grandfather still felt anger towards Vasu(Dhanush), but on the other hand, I don't think Vasu and Keerthi(Nayantara) should've ended up together. I would've preferred a more realistic ending--i.e. Keerthi and Cheenu getting married, and Vasu returning to Chennai alone. However, that's just a minor quibble since, in spite of feeling obligatory, the ending did put a smile on my face, and made me feel all mushy-gushy inside('cause I'm a sap like that).

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