Friday, October 3, 2008

Ore Kadal(2007)

This movie is responsible for my current Mammootty crush. I bought it on a whim from bhavanidvd. It was only $7.99, and after a quick skim of the plot summary I thought, "Why not?"

I'm glad I got it because otherwise, I never would've been introduced to the drunken, disheveled hotness that was Mammootty's character. **wry grin** But that's not the only reason I liked it. I thought it was well-acted, engrossing, and erotic. (That sentence sounds weird, but I'll leave it be.) I wish I could give a more detailed explanation of why I enjoyed this film so much, but my thoughts are scattered and it's hard for me to translate what I'm thinking to my computer screen. Maybe one day I'll take notes while I'm watching it for the umpteenth time and attempt to come up with something that sounds semi-intelligent.

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