Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Even though it started off slow and dragged in places, I knew that I would order this movie after I finished watching it. The chemistry between Mahesh Babu and Trisha Krishnan alone was enough to convince me to buy it. I liked this film better than Athadu, which I started watching first, but it failed to hold my interest, despite the cute scenes with Trisha and Mahesh. However, I figured I would be partial to Sainikudu after I read on Wikipedia that it didn't do as well as Athadu. I tend to like the so-called flops or average grossers of a particular actor or actress better than their hits.

As with Vijay, I had formed a somewhat negative opinion about Mahesh based on what I saw in still photographs. But after seeing him on film, I had a sudden change of heart. I now think he's rather cute and has a compelling screen presence. I'm glad I took a chance on him. I forsee a Pokiri DVD in my near future.

Trisha was lovely, as always. I think I am officially in love with her.

The running time could've trimmed by a half-hour.

ETA: WAAHHHHH!!!! My disc is defective! It froze during the "Aadapilla Aggipulla" song and I had to skip ahead two chapters before it would play normally again :( I have to order another one, I guess. **sigh**

BTW, I loved Trisha and Mahesh's scuffle in the woods prior to the start of "Aadapilla Aggipulla". I thought it was both hot and funny.

ETA 02/19/10: I finally bought a replacement DVD. It plays all the way through, yay! However, it's not as entertaining as I initially thought. I can see why it flopped. I enjoy watching Mahesh, still love the scene where Trisha imagines Mahesh trying to rape her in the woods. I liked seeing him, however briefly, as a lecherous rogue and wished I were in her place, only I wouldn't have resisted, 'cause I'm naughty like that.

P.S. Trisha was cute, but she kinda annoys me these days. I'm so fickle with my affections.

P.P.S. I don't know why it took so long for me to warm up to Mahesh. Maybe because I'm more into the heroines than the heroes. (It's that whole "identification" thing, I think.) Also, the running time could've been trimmed by about forty-five mintues. And while I found it rather boring this time around, I still kinda like it better than Athadu.

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