Friday, October 17, 2008


I was unable to watch the first part because the audio was out-of-sync. I tried acting like it was a silent film by muting the sound, but that didn't help. So I clicked on the second part and thankfully, the audio was fine. I'm a half-hour in as I type this and I've already decided that I like the movie enough to buy it.

I find Nagarjuna to be the male equivalent of jolie-laide in this flick. I don't know if the picture quality is that bad or if special camera filters were used, but unlike Boss, his mug didn't deter me from ordering the DVD.

Speaking of special camera filters, Anushka looks REALLY beautiful in this film, maybe even more so than in Rendu. Normally I think she's very bland-looking. But, aside from Super and Rendu, I've viewed only stills of her, so maybe she's one of those people who's more telegenic than photogenic.

Ayesha looks plump and the lightened hair isn't doing her any favors, but I still think she's cute. She's the reason I wanted to check out Super in the first place. (Aside: I'm still on the fence about buying No Smoking.)

ETA: I got the movie yesterday and watched most of it before going to bed. It was good. Nice, fluffly, mindless entertainment. Nag was looking so good, I was tempted to reconsider my earlier stance and order Boss.

Sonu Sood looked--and acted--like a male model. He provided nice eye candy.

Did Ayesha get a boob job during filming? Because I swear in one scene, she looked totally flat, and in the other scenes, she, um, had quite a rack. Still not feeling that lighter hair color, but she was very, very cute and sexy. She and Nag shared good chemistry, and were believable as a couple.

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