Friday, October 10, 2008

Athanokkade(2005), Vijayadasami(2007)

I'm alternately watching them online as I type this. The former was remade in Tamil as Aathi/Aadi(Vijay/Trisha), and the latter is a remake of the Tamil movie, Sivakasi(Vijay/Asin).

I think the hero of both flicks, Kalyan Ram, looks better in Athanokkade. Shorter hair suits him.

Sindhu Tolani is the heroine in Athanokkade, and while she looks nice and does a fine job in the acting department, I prefer Trisha's role in the remake. I also think Trisha's intro was better picturised and had more of an impact than Sindhu's.

Vedhika, the heroine in Vijayadasami, is cute and looks good in both traditional and western dress. She also dances well. I think I've already mentioned in another post that I like her. If not, well, I like her, and hope to see her in more movies.

If I had to choose, I would say that Athanokkade is the better of the two, mainly because Kalyan's mannerisms and dialogue delivery are not as stylized and over-the-top as they are in Vijayadasami. In the latter film, his acting style reminded me of Simbu at his very worst. But from what I've viewed, Vijayadasami appears to be a decent popcorn flick. It will never be mistaken for great cinema, but for me, it's watchable enough that I would probably buy it if the urge hit me.

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