Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short takes, pt.10.

AKA "What Should I Order Next?"

Dasavathaaram(2008) - As much as I like Kamal, I'm really not jazzed about seeing him in those ten getups. I waver back and forth on whether or not I want to watch this. I can picture myself buying it, but not viewing it right away.

Preminchu Priya(1997) - This appears to be the dubbed Telugu version of Pagaivan. It has Ajith, and Anjala Zaveri, who looks more appealing--to me, anyway--when she's wearing glasses.

Okkadu(2003) - I watched it online and found that I liked it better than the Tamil remake. However, I wasn't really feeling Bhumika Chawla as the heroine. I kinda wish the Telugu version had been the remake and that Trisha reprised her role because from a purely physical standpoint, she was a better fit, IMO.

Villu(2009) - I kid, I kid. I still can't believe it was also released on Blu-ray. Even VHS is too good for this.

Preminchu Priya looks the most promising since it's only $2.99. And, I'm not dying to see it so badly that I'm willing to plunk down $20 for the Tamil custom VCD.

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