Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I half-heartedly want to buy this because of Farheen's(credited as Bindiya) resemblance to Madhuri Dixit. Her on-set affair with Kamal piques my interest as well:

Exhibit A

While I'm on the subject of Farheen, I was able to find only 2 pics of her so far. Depending on where you work, they may or may not be work safe since she's partially naked(but no visible bits): One Two

Back to the movie: The plot sounds interesting, too. And while I don't find Kamal as appealing, lookswise, in this flick, I can deal. I have moments when I actually pay attention to a person's talent instead of just his/her face and/or body.

Here are some songs I found on YouTube:

"Enthan Nenjil"

"Edakku Mudakkana Sarakku"

"Kokkarakko Kozhi"

"Dillu Baru Jane"

"Kalaignan Kattukaaval"

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mars said...

When i studied 10th i also like her.She is really had beautifull face.But she is lessly matured for beggining her career in cinema.That why she can't do well