Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SFR: Kamal Hassan

Some of my collected images of Kamal sir that I've swiped from eBay listings, Rediff, Indomania, The Hub, and other various places on the internet.

From the Kannada movie, Kokila

From Maria My Darling, another Kannada movie

From Aboorva Raagangal

Zara Si Zindagi

Do Dil Deewane LP, dubbed Hindi version of Ullasa Paravaigal

Sattam En Kayil LP

I think the name of this publication is Inbox 1305

With ex-wife Sarika and their daughters Shruti and Akshara

With Hannah Mitchell in Yeh To Kamal Ho Gaya.
Speaking of which, the song
"Dekho Dekho(Yeh To Kamal Ho Gaya)"
is now uploaded to YouTube

With Tina Munim. This might be from Karishmaa

With Sridevi. My favorite pairing!

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