Friday, May 22, 2009


The scene I most identify with is the one where Sridhar's(Ajith) sister shows him a stack of the diaries he's kept for past eight years and teases him about how in each one, he wrote that he would one day become a famous music director. While I've never harbored dreams of becoming a music director, I do know the feeling of never reaching your goals, even after many years of trying. However, unlike Ajith's character, my dreams far outstripped my efforts, so I don't get a pep talk about a man who, if he had dug just two more feet, would've found the gold that someone else came along and discovered.

It's a shame Mugavari wasn't a commercial success, because I feel Ajith is better-suited for "soft-hearted lover" roles than the "action-packed, stunt hero" roles he vowed to do in this old interview. I'd rather watch him "musing with roja flower" than bashing up bad guys. But, those parts don't pay the bills, I guess, and a man's gotta eat, so...**shrug**

Mugavari isn't perfect; things like the fighting scene, Ajith getting hazed by a producer's drunk relatives, and him singing in the rain could've been either left out or toned down. But overall, it's a nice movie. I especially liked the cute romance between Ajith and Jyothika. They share great chemistry in the "Oh Nenjey Nenjey" and "Poo Virinjachu" songs. And this scene is one of my favorites:

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